Hupu News, October 8th Eindhoven coach Schmidt talked about the new aid Gotze in an interview a few days ago.


Schmidt said: "Eight weeks ago, I talked to Gotze on the phone and asked about his plan. It was a very pleasant conversation. My feeling is that he might find a quieter environment and ask him to find it again. Returning to the fun of football, I certainly know that we will not be his first choice. He will consider many other offers."


Schmidt said: "Finally, maybe he later remembered what I said to him. He can find his love for football again here. This transfer was completed within three or four hours on Tuesday night, which is great. "


Regarding Gotze’s position, Schmidt said: "I think his position is in the midfield, where he can have the greatest impact on the game. His decisive blow is one of his greatest strengths. He is only 28 years old. He is in his golden age and he can make other players better."


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